Having lived in Plano, TX for almost 25 years, I can attest to the fact that my family has enjoyed their lives here! My daughters have been on numerous sports teams, learned how to play the piano and violin, met many kids their own age and even married and started their own families here! And they are looking forward to doing the same: after all, why move from the Happiest City in America?

Besides my own family, I have helped hundreds of folks to make Plano their home, and I have yet to have one tell me that they don’t like it here! We have helped everyone who wants to live in Plano, Texas - from those just out of school (Plano Great Schools), to the newly married (First Time Homebuyers), to those with young families (Family Activities), ‘Empty Nesters’ (Empty Nesters MeetUp), and those who wish to retire in a stable community environment with no surprises (Plano Retirement)! Plano is a fabulous destination for everyone!

There are MANY great reasons for Plano to be your home buying destination – let me give you a short list of them with some explanation!


Plano has always been a job growth-oriented city. About forty years ago Ross Perot created a development around his Legacy Business Park in North Plano. The home of EDS, Perot’s company, it started attracting major National and International companies who placed their US and World headquarters in the development. That created a LOT of jobs; currently, over 60,000 people have employment there. The spending of these highly paid folks carries over into the local economy, and so Plano is based with a fabulous economy – a GREAT reason for you to move to Plano, Texas!


Plano is blessed to have a highly-rated Public School System. Not only are the Public Schools highly-sought after, but there are a large number of Private and Charter Schools in Plano Texas! There are also numerous schools of Higher Learning. Whatever you want to study, you can have it in Plano, Texas!

City Parks

I have the pleasure of living across the street from Old Shepard Place Park, one of the Great Parks in Plano, Texas. Baseball, Soccer, Football and many other sports and activities can be had, many with public and private organization of teams. Kids just lover to use the monkey bars and other play equipment, and some parks have gazebos which can be used for party and family activities!

Safety and Security

Forbes Magazine rated Plano as the Safest City in America with a population over 250,000 in both 2011 and 2012 – and it remains just as safe and protected by the wonderful Plano Police Department! The Police Department’s requirements assure the citizens that their safety is assured. I have lived in Plano for almost 25 years and I have found the Plano Police to be the finest that I have ever met!


There are many different cultures and ethnic groups represented in Plano, Texas, as well as religious groups. Many churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples provide places of worship for the multitude of religious diversity. And in spite of this diversity, the various groups interact peacefully, civilly, and with enthusiasm! Plano is just a great meeting place for the World!


When you have a large group of high-income earners, you have to have places where they can divest themselves of their riches! Plano Texas is second to none in this capability – with Indoor Shopping Malls, Shopping Centers and Entertainment Centers including Movie spots you will find LOTS of ways to entertain yourself! So, hurry up and unpack your stuff – your disposable income is waiting to leap from your pocket!

Outdoor Activities

You can go wet and wild in Plano, Texas! Numerous pools, found in back yards, public sports centers, parks, and local lakes await you and your bikini – or in my case, burlap bag! Lots of opportunities for the kids and adults to get wet and have fun! But hurry – the last one in the water is a chicken!

Restaurants and Clubs

If you love to eat as much as I do, you will LOVE all of the Restaurants and Clubs in Plano, Texas! Love Mexican food? You could eat in a Mexican restaurant every day of the year and probably not hit them all – and I have NEVER been to a bad one! All kinds of ethnic food abound – Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, American, Italian, Sushi, Fish, Steak, Hamburger, …the list just goes on!


Transportation in Plano is awesome. Plano is a great starting point, trip ending point, and through-point to and from other great areas in North Texas! Plano is close to Addison Executive Airport, Dallas Love Airport, and D/FW Airport. Plano even has a small metropolitan airport named Air Park – Dallas where you can buy a home right on the runway, take your parked private aircraft from your own private hanger attached to your home, and just fly away!

DART – Train Line to Dallas can take you to Downtown Dallas, the Dallas Zoo, D/FW Airport and even to Fort Worth! Heavily subsidized, the fares are low and you can even buy discounts for regular users. There are several heavily patrolled free parking zones for this transportation, and since they run most hours of the day they are a viable regular transport for workers who live in Plano to get economically to their workplaces.

Wrapping it Up

As you can see, I am SOLD! on Plano, Texas! I raised my kids here, they are raising our grandchildren here, I go to church here, I am politically active here, I belong to the Board of Realtors here, and I am VERY happy here! I know that most people would just love what I and my family have found, and we hope that you will join us soon!

Greg Knapp

Greg Knapp

Designation: Founder & CEO
Bio: The Original Buyer Agent for Texas!  Greg believes using his life experience and training to help people solve their personal problems that get in the way of happy homeownership. He like's showing people that they are in control of their destiny and that we are here to help them obtain it.